According to the brain-based learning model, learning involves the whole physiology, is best done using real problems, and often takes place in settings other than the classroom.

For that reason, activities, clubs, athletics, and extra-curricular functions play a key role in each student’s education and development.

Activities and Clubs

Students are encouraged to participate in activities year-round, including computer training, photography, weight-lifting, dramatics, creative writing, crafts, cooking and special field trips the School sponsors throughout the tri-state area. Additionally, the school sponsors annual holiday festivities and other opportunities for non-academic social interaction throughout the year.


Athletics are an important part of the total learning experience at Lord Stirling. Students develop self-confidence, athletic skills and pride while learning the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Varsity and junior varsity programs include basketball, cross country, softball, and track. Intramural sports are also offered, including bowling, volleyball, and swimming in our own pool.

Our varsity basketball team has won ten league championships and has played in the New Jersey Meadowlands, Madison Square Garden, and at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Massachusetts.