The three instructional techniques commonly associated with brain-based learning are:

  1. Orchestrated immersion–Creating learning environments that fully immerse students in an educational experience
  2. Relaxed alertness–Trying to eliminate fear in learners, while maintaining a highly challenging environment
  3. Active processing–Allowing the learner to consolidate and internalize information by actively processing it

The Lord Stirling School addresses the challenges of each student by providing a holistic, brain based-model of instruction, and seeks to creates optimal learning circumstances for each student by ensuring very small classes with sensitive, highly qualified faculty. Our student-faculty ratio is extremely low (from 2:1 to 4:1), allowing each teacher to spend the time necessary to develop strong personal relationships with each student, and develop trust and frequent chances to succeed.

Individual and family therapy are also used when needed, and frequent communication with, and involvement of, each student’s family is the norm.

Each student works towards his or her own positive goals, with individual curricular modifications made to suit the student’s ability and readiness in the subject area. Whether a student requires significant remedial work or an accelerated curriculum (or both), the school and classroom structure are flexibly designed to meet the student’s needs. Individualized teacher-student-classmate matchings focus on helping the student minimize conflict, attend to school work, and continue to grow, both socially and academically.

The Lord Stirling faculty includes classroom teachers certified for special education, classroom aides for each class, as well as an educational coordinator, a certified school social worker, a LDTC consultant, a speech therapist, a career counselor, an athletic director, and a certified school psychologist. In conjunction with the local school district’s child study team, our experienced staff designs an individual education plan for each student whereby personal objectives are set and consistent reinforcement is provided.