The Lord Stirling School is a not-for-profit New Jersey approved private school for children with learning, social, or emotional disabilities. Tuition at the School is paid by the local public school district when the decision has been made by the student’s Individualized Educational Program (IEP) Team to make The Lord Stirling School the student’s educational placement.

Students at the Lord Stirling School are usually recommended by their Child Study Team at the local school district, when it is determined that the district cannot offer an appropriate educational program. The IEP team, comprised of school professionals, teachers, parents or guardians, and when appropriate, the student, are encouraged to contact the school when considering placement and are interested in learning more about Lord Stirling’s programs and curriculum.

A pre-admission interview with the student and his or her parent or guardian is required, and student records – including any available educational or other evaluations – are provided.

Admission is possible at any time during the regular school year based upon the availability of space.