About LSS

Mainstream education may not work for every student. Some students — because of a learning or emotional disabilities — require a different learning environment: a place where they may receive individualized instruction, specialized classes, and innovative programs geared to their special needs.

For those students, there is Lord Stirling School. Since 1965, Lord Stirling has successfully helped students redirect their lives towards positive goals, achieve more, and grow personally. Located on eleven acres in Basking Ridge, Lord Stirling is a small, private, non-profit day school for pre-adolescents and adolescents, ages 12 through 21, who have not succeeded in mainstream education. Students who enroll in Lord Stirling are typically experiencing conflict in their interaction with the world — emotionally, behaviorally and academically.

Our highly supervised programs focus on accountability, helping students to become responsible participants in their education, and within their families and communities. Lord Stirling provides a supportive, therapeutic environment that builds self-esteem and self-confidence, placing special emphasis on intensive one-on-one psychological counseling.

Lord Stirling School is on the cutting-edge of brain based education, taking a holistic approach that includes differentiated instruction and outcome-based measures to develop an appropriate, effective, individualized program for each student. The human brain has a remarkable capacity to change, but time is crucial for optimum improvement in the learning process. Our brain-based education model facilitates more focused academic intervention and behavioral treatment for our at-risk students with multiple learning and behavioral challenges.